Large "Tigress" Acrylic Hoops by Dots Corner

Large acrylic hoop earrings by Dots Corner, in "Tigress" - colourful patches of orange, pink, ivory and yellow/black stripes! Though these hoops pack a big statement, they're incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Every hoop is different, in terms of where the colour/pattern is placed - that's what makes them special! The pair you receive may not be the pair shown in the photos, but they are an excellent representation of the pair you will receive.

The final photo shows the 3 other hoop designs by Dots Corner available in the shop (while stocks last).


Dimensions and materials:

Large hoops: Approx. 54mm diameter.
The studs and scroll backs are stainless steel.

Large "Tigress" Acrylic Hoops by Dots Corner


Jewellery care guide (for all jewellery types):
- Avoid direct contact with perfumes or body creams/oils (Top tip for earrings: Apply perfumes/oils BEFORE putting earrings on).
- Avoid getting jewellery wet; pat dry with clean soft towel if wet.
- Avoid sleeping/exercising in jewellery.
- Store jewellery in a CLOSED, opaque jewellery box (storing jewellery in the open air or in direct daylight can accerelate tarnishing and/or fade colours).
- Store jewellery separately; avoid letting jewellery items touch or tangle together.
- Gently clean tarnished metals with metal cleaner or a soft jewellery cloth.