Galaxy Purple/Blue Star Studs, Small (8mm)

Please read Ordering Instructions below.

Small stud earrings in a galaxy-esque colourway; deep purple and blue, marbled with tiny gold and silver flecks! They have a glossy coating, and are handmade by The Lobe Wardrobe.

You have a choice of 3 materials for the posts & backs:

1. Stainless steel (recommended, generally suitable for sensitive skin).
2. Sterling silver (.925) - additional £3 charge.
3. Plastic posts with rubber stoppers (recommended if you cannot wear any metals).

How to purchase STAINLESS STEEL or PLASTIC/RUBBER posts (no additional charge):
1. Using the "Material" drop-down menu, select "Stainless Steel or Plastic/Rubber".
2. In the text box, write either "Stainless Steel" or "Plastic/Rubber" to let me know which one you'd like.
3. Click "Add to Basket".

How to upgrade to .925 STERLING SILVER posts (additional £3 charge):

1. Using the drop-down menu, select "Sterling Silver", and click "Add to Basket". Easy! :)

Every star is unique, so every pair of earrings is different. Some are more purple, some are more blue... some have more metallic flecks, some have less. The pair you receive may not be the ones shown in the photos, but they are an excellent representation of the ones you will receive.

The final photo shows the galaxy colours in other stud shapes, available in the Studs section of the shop (while stocks last).

Dimensions & Materials:

These earrings are made with polymer clay, resin and gold leaf foil.
Stud diameter: Small size, approx. 8mm

Model credit: Thank you @poleninja_mew - check out her IG for epiiiiic pole fitness!

Galaxy Purple/Blue Star Studs, Small (8mm)


Jewellery care guide (for all jewellery types):

- Avoid direct contact with perfumes or body creams/oils (Top tip for earrings: Apply perfumes/oils BEFORE putting earrings on).
- Avoid getting jewellery wet; pat dry with clean soft towel if wet.
- Avoid sleeping/exercising in jewellery.
- Store jewellery in a CLOSED, opaque jewellery box (storing jewellery in the open air or in direct daylight can accerelate tarnishing and/or fade colours).
- Gently clean tarnished metals with metal cleaner or a soft jewellery cloth.