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The Lobe Wardrobe proudly stocks independently designed and handmade jewellery,
by designers who have all been carefully selected for their happy jewellery aesthetic and outstanding quality of craft.

We believe it's important to care about where and who your jewellery comes from; get to know the people who put their time, talent and love into making your jewellery. Follow your favourite designers on social media, tag them in your jewellery photos, and send them a message to let them know you think their work is fab!

Want to discover more independent designers? Check out our blog & join the conversation about all things handmade, small biz and slow fashion.


The Lobe Wardrobe

The Lobe Wardrobe's own brand makes are designed and handmade by me, Sally Hayward.
I have been obsessed with jewellery since I was around 3 years old... I would use anything I could get my hands on! Now, I make the jewellery I want to wear; my favourite makes are big and bold, with plenty of repeating patterns and funky colours.

IG: @thelobewardrobe

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Dally and Mack

Kelly creates colourful jewellery made from eco-friendly resin, while travelling around the UK. Her inspiration comes from simple geometric shapes, adding lots of lovely colour and the occasional sprinkle of glitter. It’s really important to her that her jewellery is great quality, affordable and suitable for sensitive skin. 

IG: @dallyandmack

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Saskia Wrycroft

Saskia has been making gemstone & fossil jewellery since she was just 14 years old, from her home in Manchester. Now, she uses her years of gemstone knowledge and experience to create jewellery that reflects the mesmerising colours and textures found in nature. Saskia enjoys the combination of clean-cut polished stones and rough, natural gems; and offers a variety of semi-precious, A-grade gemstone beads in addition to less well-known minerals.

IG: @saskiawrycroft

tiger web 2.jpg


Based in Bristol, artist and printmaker Jess “TKLS” handmakes her iridescent jewellery using wood from sustainably managed forests. Inspired by nature, Jess draws and paints original artwork by hand, before transforming it into eco-friendly products for her label TOTEM TIGER. The materials chosen and methods developed to make her jewellery ensures each piece is sustainable, unique and lightweight.

IG: @totemtiger

Amber Alpaca

Amber Alpaca’s earrings are made by Millie and Jack, a couple who first fell in love with wood years ago. When they discovered resin, they realised the combination of materials was perfection, and now they can’t sleep for thinking about new designs! They look for inspiration everywhere, especially whilst walking through old woodlands where they search for interesting pieces of wood to use for their jewellery.

IG: @amber_alpaca


Aimee Mac Illustration

Aimee Mac is a Manchester based multi-disciplinary illustrator and designer. Most of her work is inspired by nature and animals, but she also loves mid-century design and antique jewellery too. Aimee draws with good old-fashioned dip pen and ink, and tailors her illustrations for print, textiles, jewellery and apparel.

IG: @aimeemacillustration


If you're a happy jewellery designer and are interested in joining The Lobe Wardrobe's happy jewellery gang, send a message to, or use the contact form, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!

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